An Agentic Design for AI Consciousness

The Frontier of AI Consciousness As we reflect on the past twelve months, we can’t help but be captivated by the potential of AI. But as we consider what LLMs can do, we should also be mindful of their limitations. We’re still at the start of this new era, where […]

Optimizing Portfolio Performance Using Generative AI and Synthetic Financial Data

Intro Efficient portfolio allocation is a fundamental aspect of investment management, as it is vital to diversify assets to maximize risk-adjusted returns. Financial institutions encounter numerous challenges in portfolio management, including market volatility, economic uncertainty, and the need for rapid adaptation to shifting market conditions. One solution to these challenges […]

Measuring Keyword Effectiveness on Amazon

This post originally appeared on the Kadaxis blog. So you’ve found the perfect keywords for a book, how do you know if they’re effective? Off-page keywords aren’t visible to potential customers, so assessing whether they’ll work or not takes a completely different approach to assessing visible metadata (title, description, etc.) about a […]