A Decentralized Publishing Ecosystem

In 2017, I wrote a discovery piece for a decentralized publishing ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain (Doug from Phin, Fran from Firebrand and I were working on a solution to decentralize the publishing industry to put more value and control back in the hands of authors, publishers and readers). […]

Data Platform and MLOps Architecture

I recently helped a company build out and mature their data and MLOps platform. The company had a team of data scientists and engineers who had found product market fit with a deep learning based product. As with most lean, customer driven approaches, they hadn’t over capitalized on infrastructure too […]

Data Pipeline Architecture (Bookish)

Posting this for posterity, built around 2012-2013. The startup that was Bookish (joint venture between Simon & Schuster, Penguin and Hachette) is no longer around, but we built out some reasonable book data processing infrastructure, along with a search and recommendation engine. I ran engineering and architected the overall solution. […]

Measuring Keyword Effectiveness on Amazon

This post originally appeared on the Kadaxis blog. So you’ve found the perfect keywords for a book, how do you know if they’re effective? Off-page keywords aren’t visible to potential customers, so assessing whether they’ll work or not takes a completely different approach to assessing visible metadata (title, description, etc.) about a […]

Why Keywords Are So Important

This article originally appeared on the Kadaxis blog. Crafting effective keywords to add to a book’s metadata, could be one of the highest return marketing activities to increase online sales potential. This post examines why keywords are so important, and how they affect discovery on Amazon. Let’s break the logic down:• […]